How to STOP Being Fat and Fight to Reclaim Your Precious Body, Health and Life from 2 Tiny Ounces of Gained Body Fat Every Month

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How to STOP Being Fat and Fight to Reclaim Your Precious Health, Body and Life from 2 Tiny Ounces of Excess Body Fat Every Month. Yes, over 3 short years those tiny 2 ounces per month has piled on 6 pounds of pure life suffocating fat!

So, let’s look at the fat accumulation process on our bodies from a different angle. The numbers that I will used are based upon what the average adult gain every year. 

For people who are not taking exercise and a healthy lifestyle approach to weight management, they are gaining about 1.5 to 2.5 ounces of extra body fat every month.  On the surface that does not seem like a lot but less drill down a bit into the numbers.

2 ounces of  body fat is about one and a half pounds of PURE FAT per year!  

Because we tend to slow down and get busy with other things in life, we don’t think of it because it is only a little bit or we believe that we will get around to it.  Of course, you already know that most WILL NOT get around to it that is why we as a nation have expanded and exploded our waistlines every year since 1960. The country as a whole has 71.6% of adults overweight, with 42% of those considered obese.  In fact, for the first ever, in 2019 as a nation, we shot to over 40% of the U.S. population being classified as obese.  WOW! Holy slabs of flab!

Statistically, if you are reading this blog, you most likely will be fighting the battle of the bulges on your body. So, I say this to you so that you take charge of your life NOW.  Please understand that this fat accumulation on the human body is serious. Truly, it is a matter of life and death!

Get Out of La-La Land! Don’t walk around believing that “one day” in the future you will get around to managing this problem of fat piling up on your body.

If you are already thinking that you are gaining weight… NOW, NOW, NOW is the time to get started with a consistent and persistent fitness and health plan for life.

Though we are only talking about 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per year, this means that within about 5 years you are now supporting on your body and extra 10 pounds of PURE BODY FAT!  Did you know that as little as extra 10 pounds can force your blood pressure to begin to move upwards?  Did you know that as little as 10 pounds of extra body fat can quietly trigger the march forward that assaults your body in ways that negatively impact your lung capacity, blood sugar balance, disrupt hormone interactions and grind away the cartilage of your knees?  Yeah, all of that!

Your future with 2 tiny ounces of body fat packed onto your body for 10 years.

At 7 years down the road maintaining your 2 ounces gain per month, you will be nearly 15 pounds overweight. Then, at 10 years, you could become 20 pounds overweight with as little as 2 little tiny ounces of extra fat accumulated on your body each month over a period of 10 years.  And, with each ounce of fat that you continue to gain, your body edges towards an outcome that could unleash a cataclysmic and diabolical sequence of events that seek to extinguish your life.

I am sounding the alarm to you loud and clear. It is that important that you start changing your habits to have a chance at an improved quality of life. The reason for doing this is because life seems to move by very quickly and by nature most of us procrastinate and believe that we will get around to it tomorrow.  Yeah, nice thought but not reality!

By the time you count up all of those tomorrows, you now have over 3,650 of them that have seemingly zoomed by and you have piled on nearly 20 pounds of unwanted jiggly-wiggly stuff that you don’t like and it doesn’t like you  ;-(

So, since you are here now reading this information, let’s start the process of you learning how to unlock the power of your thoughts to propel you in the direction of losing weight.

Here is something that many athletes hold onto as a core philosophy for steady improvement.  Nearly all physical efforts of great achievement begin with  HOW you think and WHAT you think. To achieve greatness, the physical motions and actions are the easy part. They comprise only about 2% of the process.  The challenge is in the mind to which 98% of all of your success will by happen in your head FIRST!  What does that really mean you may ask?  It means that the power of your thoughts, what you think and how you think will determine the outcome of your efforts.

Your thoughts can cause stuff to happen! Worded in a much better way —

Keep in mind… Thoughts ARE Forces of Causation!

When you make the decision at this moment in time, to take bold and forward action regarding your health, it is like proclaiming that you recognize the problem and you are willing to fight to reclaim the quality and longevity of your life by making a defiant stand against the onslaught of pounds of fat gain that seek to steal your life away from you.

In closing, keep in mind that in essence, this is a battle against entrenched, old habits and programming that sent you down this path. The most awesome news in this fight to reclaim your body’s optimal function is that you can create new, powerful habits and behaviors that within days begin to change your life for the better.

Down below are some highly suggested links that can assist you in the reshaping of your thoughts and the reformatting of your brain’s grey matter. Cool stuff!

You CAN Do This!  HOORAH!

I am rooting for your success. 

Get started today!


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