How To Really Lose Weight

Hello my name is Jeff Gadley and I am the main author of HowToReallyLoseWeight.com

This site was created out of my desire to get the word out to as many people as possible regarding the topic of weight gain and how to lose weight.  There is a ton of good information out there and it is my hope that you find that this information adds to your growing knowledge base.

Unfortunately far too many people take this information lightly. However, I stay optimistic and keep on writing these kind of articles to wake up those who are ready for the message of lose weight now.

I have been involved with health and fitness for over 40 years, which all began with my nursing studies at SUNY of Plattsburgh. In is here where I graduate with my Bachelor o Science degree in the filed of Nursing Sciences. to which I applied the my studies to assist me in my athletic training, which continued for well after I graduated from college.

I am a former Olympic Athlete who competed in the sport of bobsledding  at 1979 World Championships in Winterburg, Germany and the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. 

Health, fitness and exercise are a part of my every day being and existence on the planet. I eat, sleep and drink the mission of helping people to self-improve their health because sharing with them the great news that they are the one with the power of choice to CHOOSE a new path for their life. Making new and better choices CAN be done if you are shown how to do it.  

I have spent a number of years, learning how to identify my bad habits and correct habits and behaviors that would be detrimental to my future well-being. I am speaking about negative speech, actions and behaviors that range from what I ate and drank. I discovered how to crush old, broken, and corrupted thinking and behaviors that owned me for YEARS. These I share with individuals in my writings of losing weight and becoming a healthier person by learning how to walkaway from the old your and become a new and better you.

You may not like some of the things that I state, but no worries< i did not like them either when I first heard them. However, once you reflect upon up them you most likely will reach the same conclusion that I did many ears ago. I was a slave to stinking-thinking and a life of negative, self-induced mental programming that kept me believing that I COULD NOT change.  How wrong I was!  So, I say to you, if you are at the point of wanting to break away from being controlled by your desires to over indulge there are plenty of actions that you can take to CHANGE by breaking down those dominating thoughts and ruling impulses that keep you enslaved in chains of your mind.

READ CAREFULLY:  You have the ability to Lose Weight!  The seeds of greatness for you to succeed within this area of your life are ALREADY inside of you.  Sadly, life has caused you to have a weak belief system when it comes to your amazing power to have victory with weight loss and improving your lifestyle habits and behaviors. You CAN Do It!

It is your OWN mind that has laid this trap of failure of  this vicious cycle of weight gain and poor life-destroying habits. By tapping into the power of that same mind that you CAN break free from old, procedures, thinking and behaviors.

Information contained on this blog CAN help you get there.

help with weight loss from jeff gadley