5 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

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5 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss. If you are currently on a mission to shed some pounds, or have been on one recently, it is likely that you have been suggested by someone to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Many have rallied behind the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar daily for losing weight, stating that it can aid in weight loss for a number of reasons.

Some might be skeptical of trying the apple cider vinegar for losing weight method due to worries of it tasting bad, but the pros can definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to this method-plus, the amount recommended to drink is only 1-2 tablespoons diluted with water, so it isn’t too awful tasting. If you are on the fence about whether or not to try drinking apple cider vinegar daily for weight loss, these are 5 reasons why doing so could be just the thing you need to lose those extra pounds once and for all.

1.> Keeps you Fuller for Longer

Drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss with a meal, or right before a meal, has shown to keep you more satisfied and fuller for longer. Oftentimes, we may feel hungry again an hour to an hour and a half after we eat a meal and find ourselves supplementing that with extra snacks or leftovers- which can lead to an excess of calories and overall weight gain down the line. Apple cider vinegar works to help you feel fuller for longer because studies have shown that it has a delayed gastric emptying effect on the body, which in turn can lead to feeling satisfied for increased periods of time.

2.> Works as an Appetite Suppressant

As many of us who struggle to lose weight know, it is simply hard to regulate what we eat and eat only strictly healthy things when we feel the discomfort of hunger pangs. This is where drinking apple cider vinegar for losing weight comes into play. A component found in apple cider vinegar called acetate works to regulate appetite. So, daily intake of apple cider vinegar could work to keep you from reaching for the bag of high-calorie chips or tub of ice cream late at night.

3.> Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Raises, or “spikes”, in blood sugar can be directly linked to extreme hunger cravings and, over time, weight gain. Spikes in blood sugar can occur by eating foods that are high in sugar or refined carbohydrates, which then causes your body to kick into overdrive and produce insulin to make up for the sudden spike. Drinking apple cider vinegar for losing weight can help stabilize your blood sugar, and in turn, aid in weight loss, by the acetic acid that is found in the vinegar. This acetic acid works to prevent raises in blood sugar, and in turn can regulate your weight overall.

4.> Acts as a Natural Laxative

By drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss first thing in the morning, you can kickstart your digestive system and effectively “clear yourself out” for the day ahead. As we know, when we are constipated, we can feel bloated, lethargic, and just overall heavier. Drinking apple cider vinegar for losing weight can help you to remain regular and cleanse your digestive system by stimulating healthy bowel movements.

5.> Boosts Metabolism

The goal of any successful weight loss endeavor should be to increase your metabolic rate, which in turn leads you to burn more calories and prevents you from storing an excess of calories in your body, which would turn into fat later on. Drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss can aid in boosting your metabolism by helping to alkalize the body, which supports weight loss. This also works to increase your body’s metabolic rate, which as previously mentioned allows you to burn calories quicker and more efficiently.

In short, adding apple cider vinegar for weight loss to your daily routine could work wonders to aid in the process of losing weight. Apple cider vinegar also has a myriad of other amazing benefits that can work to tie into weight loss later on, such as improved gut health, lower cholesterol levels, and more neutralized pH levels. So, not only would you be utilizing apple cider vinegar for weight loss, but you could also be reaping the full benefits of it by becoming an overall healthier person. It is important to remember that as with any successful weight loss regimen, a healthy diet and exercise routine also need to be coupled with the apple cider vinegar use in order to see the full benefits of weight loss.


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