Overweight or Obese are Great Destroyers of Life

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Being a Little Overweight or Obese ARE the Great Destroyers of Life. When I was youngster, I heard a phrase termed “suffering ba%#@!d.” That phrase did not mean too much to me then, but by time I graduated from nursing school, I had seen my share of those to whom that statement could apply due to the seriousness of their weight problem. However, after I become a fitness instructor working with overweight and obese clients that phrase would stand out in my head because I was witnessing the labored and debilitated efforts of overweight individuals daily. I also saw and understood the gravity of what their blood profiles and laboratory work was indicating.  Truly, I was in disbelief when I was learning all the crap that could happen to their bodies because of carrying too many pounds of fat.  The future health of those people was NEVER going to improve unless they started losing weight.  Essentially, them not making the decision to change was signing their death warrant in my mind. 

The truth is, we ALL can be affected by health challenges that could threaten our lives and some of those health challenges can be devastating and cause incredible levels of pain and suffering. However, when it comes to being overweight and obese for the MOST PART, this is something that we bring onto ourselves directly by CHOOSING specific actions that ARE within in our control.

Here in this great country, we have access to fitness centers, weight loss spas, gastric bypass surgeries, Jenny Craig, Nutra-system and a whole slew of ways to get the problem under control.  Hold on a dog-gone minute!  Don’t give me that crap about hormones being weak in your body. I smell a lot of poo-poo when people attempt to claim that one.  However, even with that as a factor, we are heavily armed with medical solutions to correct that problem if you are one who claim it as your own reason for being overweight or obese.

What the Hell – Nobody Wants to Take Accountability or Responsibility for Anything!  Within the medical field very few doctors and nurses will come out and say directly to their patients that most of us are overweight because that is what we CHOOSE. Now hold a second, I say it even more forceful in this way: We purposefully, willfully, and deliberately CHOOSE with full conscious awareness to make ourselves fat!  We KNOW we are doing it!  The disconnect is that we do not believe that anything is “really “going to happen to us because of it.  Man, if you are one of those who are thinking that way you need to get a grip on reality. (said lovingly of course)

Many years ago, my thoughts about white people were screwed up.  True story about me. When I was younger, I used to think that I could not succeed in life because I was African American. Yep, I held on to the mentality that the world was against me and I acted out with intense aggressive verbiage against white folks whenever they looked at me “wrong way” (that was totally dumb stuff). I also used to yell, curse, scream and threaten to kick anyone’s a** just for general purpose, if they made me mad (whatever that meant, I have no clue).  However, I read one book and it was like, somebody got inside my head and reprogrammed my thoughts almost overnight. I realized it was not white people or the government holding me back, it was my OWN THOUGHTS!  Holy smackers!  I was a prisoner of broken and corrupted thought patterns.

Once, I realized that I am responsible for HOW I think and WHAT I think, a powerful, non-stop revolution of personal growth exploded inside of me and I saw my life and the world differently.  So, here is what I am saying with that quick little background on me… You and I have the ability to change the direction of your life, if you are willing to grow-up, take accountability and responsibility for what you with your life.  In other words, STOP making excuses!  Wake Up and Smell the Freakin’ Coffee!

The only person holding you back from losing weight starting right now is YOU!

If you are overweight or obese, it is because you have mentally first CHOSEN to be!  End of Story!  Sure, this is hardcore stuff, and many will not like it. I know I did not like it when some book instructed me to stop whining and making excuses and blaming others. Sure, it may feel good to blame others for your screwed-up circumstances of life, but I have found that is a distorted reality based on how we have viewed things in our world for a long time. 

Your Thoughts Have the Power to Change Your Destiny! It all begins in your own head with the way that you think.

Start de-programming yourself from the old broken and polluted thoughts that have held you in a mental prison for all these years!  You are the one who decides!   True, it may have been something traumatic in your past that caused you to head in a certain direction with your relationship to food and how much you eat. But my friend, you ain’t living in back there in the past. You are in the HERE and the NOW. 

Now is the time to Break Free from the self-imposed, self-limiting, self-doubting mind traps that keep you gaining weight and making excuses.

If you do not make the change … then accumulated body fat will make the change for you.  Fat is NOT your friend.

Accumulated body fat is the great destroyer of life, your Life! It always seeks to ruin your health, by wiping out your vitality and then it begins the process of grinding on your bones blowing-out your joints and then it continually compresses and squeezes your internal organs to the point of shutting them down.  This is what awaits any of us who CHOOSE NOT to take the position of controlling what we put into our mouths and jumping on the exercise bandwagon.

Final Thoughts:  I want you to make a decision about getting those pounds off starting today. No more playing games. You already know the truth about what this excess weight will do to you.  It is time to now be the boss of your body instead of your body cravings and unhealthy desires dominating your thoughts.  True, breaking free does take some time and some work, but it is worth it.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey By Reprogramming Your Brain.

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You CAN Do It! 

As always, I am rootin’ for you!

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