Excess Body Fat and Its Secretly Hired Inside Assassins ARE Out to Kill You

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Excess Body Fat and Its Secretly Hired Inside Assassins ARE Out to Kill You!  Newsflash: If it were only a little fat gain that hit our bodies then maybe it would not be so bad. However, the problem with gaining weight and developing excess body fat is that you not only gain the unwanted pounds of that gooey-yellowish pasty substance under your skin and around your vital organs, it  also distorts our bodies in such a way to cause us to feel shame, fear and doubt.

A Party is Planned Inside Your Body and You Are the Host – Even a bigger problem is that gaining body fat send signals out to your body that there is a party taking place inside of you and special guests are welcome.  Of course, you did not invite them, or did you unknowingly do so?  

Red Alert: The guests are hired assassins and they will spend years wearing you down and then one day they lower the boom on you and snuff the life out of your body.  I have done the investigation and I will now tell you about these deadly guests and how they seek to poison your body then send you to the grave.

Excess Body Fat and 3 Hired Assassins Gunning for Your Health and Life

    • High Blood Pressure they call it the silent killer. It has earned that name and that is exactly what it does. At first, everything is somewhat manageable with the problem but over time with more weight gain, it decides to either blow-out a blood vessel in your skull, giving you a stroke.  Secretly it forms an out pouching of a major artery in your body called an aneurysm. It is like a balloon growing bigger over time.  Aneurysms continue to grow silently over time to where in some cases, it can swell up to the size of grapefruit before it explodes. In about 4 seconds you are stone-cold dead.
    • Diabetes Type 2 – Well this uninvited guest makes the move to poison your body with sugar running rampant in your bloodstream. Basically, sugar is supposed to be taken into the cells of your body by insulin but when it does not, the excess sugar spends its time dissolving the nerve endings in your toes and eyes. Do you know what happens when the nerve endings in your toes and eyes are dissolved? Toes get cut off and eyes go blind. And, btw the way it destroys the inner plumbing of your kidneys and now you get to poison yourself with toxic fluid waste by-products that can no longer be filtered out.
    • Heart Disease – which leads to heart attacks. Hey, with all the crap that we stuff into our mouths, we are loading up with saturated fats, trans fats, toxins, impurities all rolled up into a heart-busting stress sandwich that just happen to like clogging our arteries. Which arteries you ask? Well this assassin really likes coronary arteries. Ya know, the ones that supply the heart with oxygen-rich BLOOD. So, when those arteries cannot get that blood into your heart, your hearts SCREAMS OUT LOUD because it wants you to know that you are having a freakin’ heart attack.  From what I have seen, they hurt like a mother&^%%#!

Hear me out.  I do not believe that any of us want those things to happen to us, right?  But what really saddens me is that even though I just forecasted for you what happens when you keep on gaining excess body fat, most will ignore the message.  What really makes it even sadder is that those uninvited assassins CAN BE STOPPED cold in most cases, by us turning away from the things that seek to kill us.  I think that is very cool that we can rewrite the script of our health and improve the quality and longevity of our lives. 

Believe me when I say this… fat and its’ notorious assassins want you dead!  So, I am asking you the question; “Isn’t your life worth making the change to move in a new direction of better health?”  You CAN start losing weight today. You don’t need to wait for anything.  Be bold and be decisive to begin the process to start losing weight now.

I have provided links for you to begin the process. Just consider all the things that are worth fighting for in your life. Consider your family and friends and the joy that you bring into their world.  You have so much to live for, so let’s begin to take a stand and FIGHT!

I am always over here rootin for you!

You CAN Do It!  Click here to Start Your Weight Loss Journey With This

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