Expanding Guts and Expanding Butts – Excess Body Fat Will KILL YOU!

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Expanding Guts and Expanding Butts – Excess Body Fat Will KILL YOU!  Like, Dead!

Have you allowed excess body fat to hijacked your body?  Well, well, well… that most likely means that you just blew another commitment where you were SAYING that you were going to lose weight.  Yet again, the pattern emerges to where you recklessly woof down a single meal that has more calories in it that what is recommended for the whole day!

Have you examined why you continually break with the goals of your weight loss journey? Your pants, shirts and dresses are all feeling a bit tight and you just keep on getting bigger.  You get bigger because you are addicted to stuffing your gut with mammoth-size portions of food.

The truth of the matter is that this is ALL ON YOU!  No one is force-feeding you to repeatedly inhale massive quantities of food that stretches your stomach to the point of no return and forcing excess body fat on to your body like it is the latest fashion trend.

You are gaining weight by the willful and deliberate attempt to overload your body with enough calories in a single day that is the equivalent of a normal person for 3 days.  Think about that.  Without a care in the world, you intentionally overeat!  And, before you start making up all of those sorry excuses to why you do it. STOP!  The only reason that you do it is because you are a slave to food due to years of programming yourself to be that way.  The truth is you are operating on LEARNED behaviors and thoughts.

Furthermore, I am not letting you off the hook with that look on your face of acting confused or like you don’t understand why this this is happening to you. You are gaining weight for only one reason. Because it is your daily intended purpose to do so with no concern to the crippling health consequences of your actions.

So, how do you stop this kind of behavior, you may ask?  Well, by giving top-priority concern about your health and your life. By taking into consideration that you are setting your life up for a cataclysmic, unexpected ending to where you expel your last breath of life suddenly.

Make yourself understand the fact that your expanding gut will lead to the corruption of your normal and balance biochemical make in your body and cause you to eat more and feel less filled after a meal.  It will further lead you to crushing and smothering your internal organs to the point impairing their abilities to keep you biochemically and physiologically healthy.

Believe me folks, FAT KILLS!   It is sneak and it lays a nasty web of life-ending booby-traps with our bodies. Just be open to the fact that you have create a passion for losing weight.

Excess body fat IS NOT your friend!  Yet, you keep on inviting it into your body to destroy and unbalance your biochemical profiles. Excess body fat wants to distort your physical body so that expansion of both your gut and butt is literally squeezing the life out of your internal tissues and organs.

I am going to presume that you don’t want to die prematurely from something that you could have prevented such as being overweight, disrupting of normal body functions and clogging of your arteries.

So here is the deal… failing in your weight loss journey is something that can happen to any of us, IF we are not properly mentally prepared. HOWEVER, once you are introduced to the basic concepts of what it takes to succeed in losing excess body fat then you can begin to modify your thinking and behaviors so  that you have success continued success in the coming days, weeks, and months of your weight loss journey.

Successful weight loss starts with the way that you think. So, once you get your thoughts flowing in the right direction then holding to you plan becomes easier. Getting rid of excess body fat takes sheer determination and that begins with a mind that is high on the dream of achieving that goal.

When you have a worthwhile purpose, dream or vision providing a white-hot burning to desire to WIN, you become super-charged in your efforts to succeed!  Without the flame of passion burning white-hot, you can expect failure. With a purposeful, emotionally bound dream or vision fueling your efforts, you become internally compelled to do the right thing more often in your weight loss journey. Your modified thinking patterns, changes behavior and this change in behavior cause you to eat better, eat less and to begin to incorporate exercise/fitness training into your life.

Our thoughts for the most part determine the path that we will take and how much effort we will put into ANY endeavor. Our thoughts influence our behaviors.  Weak or bad thoughts equal weak or bad behaviors and over time these behaviors form life-long patterns or tough to change habits.  This is why I stress improving the quality of your thoughts and what you think, but any of those changes that you want to make MUST start with a flaming passion of desire called a dream or vision for what you want to achieve.

So, do you really to lose excess body fat?

Then, start right now by breaking down, broken and corrupted thinking patterns that have enslaved your way of thinking and prevented you form achieving whatever it is that you desire.

Mental Plan of Action in Your Weight Loss Journey:

The truth behind modifying your behavior begins with the repetitive input of New Information associated with your endeavor. Essentially, you MUST wash your brain of the old and bring in the new. The power of the new information dilutes out the strength of the old thoughts and patterns. This change begins with daily actions of listening to audios on weight loss success, looking at videos on weight loss success, and reading articles on weight loss success. Combine these actions with the conscious effort of seeing in your mind what you want and verbally state it out loud.  It is best to do this at least 3 times per day with the  first time being BEFORE your feet hit the floor in the morning. Then, at mid-day and then again before you close-out your night to go to bed. This new information will begin to influence your thoughts and eventually, your behavior.  IF… the excess body fat that is stored on your body had a conscious, it would really be terrified of the new and changing you, because it would sense that you are getting ready to obliterate and incinerate it off of your body!

I am rootin’ for you!  You CAN Do It!

Let’s say goodbye to excess body fat starting right now today!


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