How to Reclaim Your Health Win Your Fight Against Weight Gained and Lose Weight for the Long-Term

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How to Reclaim Your Health, Win Your Fight Against Weight Gained and Lose Weight for the Long-Term – Look in the mirror and you can probably see that it is coming for you. It has been slowly and quietly accumulating on your body. It has your name written all over it. It knows where you live and what you like to eat. It is gunning for you every day. It is even starting to lurk about and begin the process of attacking your family members or loved ones. It shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.  It is called FAT! It has a plan for every one of us. But most of us do not have a plan against it. 

The name of Fat’s Attack Plan is aptly called: Rack ‘em, Stack ’em and Pack ‘em.  This terminology is referring to the process of pounds of body fat accumulating in your body and on your body.  The typical mode of operation is “Stealth Mode.”  The objective is to compress as much fat into your abdominal cavity in the shortest amount of time and then slowly attempt to squeeze the life out of your internal organs.  Along the way, the fat accumulation wants to distort your figure and cause you immense mental torment and crush your self-image! 

The End Game Mission: is to Steal Your Life from You!   It is calling Your Name!  It wants you!

You CAN STOP the Fat Attack in its tracks beginning RIGHT NOW!  Do not let weight gain and the tragedy of accumulated pounds of excess body fat come into your life and steal your life from you and all of those who care about you.  You can already see what it is doing to you. You can already feel the effects on both your body and mind. The excess amounts of fat that accumulates on your body is your enemy!  You must keep in mind that your future with this excessive mass of disease-provoking substance is making preparations to bring to you aching joints, high cholesterol, and lack of breath.  Then as it progresses, it will most likely bring to your doorstep, if not already the Big 3:  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease.

This is how you can begin your fight against fat and its death-driven associates and win.

  • Recognize that you have the problem of gaining weight and start to work on it with the very next meal that you have. Go to the store TODAY and buy ONLY healthy food options. The goal is to alter your habits and to begin to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle.  This requires you to lift yourself to a state of mind that you are in this to succeed. There are no contingency plans because you will focus on personal growth and development to launch yourself into a new way of being.
  • Start exercising 4 to 5 days per week at a target of 15 minutes per day. You MUST do this daily! The mission here to develop a new mental state because you are in this for the rest of your life. Do not attempt to go at this initially with a “balls to the wall approach.” I want you to feel good and to make steady progress without feeling like you have been run over by a truck!  The goal is to gradually increase you level of fitness and lose weight while doing so. This tricks your mind into feeling like it is easier than what you anticipated. However, you MUST stick to this a prescribed and then add 5 minutes per month for the next 9 months.
  • Next, I want you to start reading books about healthy living, weight loss success stories and how to retrain your brain. I hope that you fully immerse yourself into what I am suggesting here because it CAN change your life and move you in a new direction in life with a bright new vision for your future. Here is why this is important. 77% of ALL of our conscious self-talk that we have with ourselves is negative. This self-talk of ours is loaded with landmines that cause us to sabotage our success. When you begin the process of reading, learning and listening to audios and looking at videos on weight loss success and gaining knowledge with nutrition and fitness, you diminish the power of those negative thoughts because your mind is immerse and focused on a new way of being.

Please understand that if you want to lose weight and to lose weight fast and to keep it off, you must become a student of what you want to be.  The reason so many habits are hard to break is because we do not have the proper mindset to challenge those habits.  When you immerse yourself into books, audios and videos about weight loss and living healthy, you began to change the very physical structure of your brain that works in your favor for success.  This reprogramming is providing to you new powers and abilities to assist you in having monumental success.

The weight loss journey is a state of mind FIRST. When you get your mind tuned in to the right process, then the body responds by dropping pounds of fat continuously and permanently.

It really comes down to you making the decision to move forward every day without cutting yourself any kind of slack.  You being able to lose weight should be treated as a huge serious medical emergency. The positive about viewing in that way is that you are still able to do something about right now.  However, understand that every day that you delay, you are that much closer to causing tremendous damage to your body.

Since losing weight is a state of mind FIRST and FOREMOST, I am providing you with some reading materials designed to assist you in the process of personal growth. I offer these suggestions because the weak link in weight loss and being able to maintain a healthy living pattern is the mind.  When I discuss the mind, I am speaking of your thoughts. 

Change Your Thoughts and You CAN Change Your Results

I am rootin for you today and every day!

Go forth and make great things happen in your weight loss journey.

Remember, You CAN Do It!

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