How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep the FAT Off!

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2 Mindsets that You MUST Own to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off! From everything that I have experienced in my 30 years+ of health, fitness and weight loss, I have found that whenever I speak or write about  losing weight people want me to share with them the truth of what it takes to lose weight and to lose weight fast, while doing it safely with no gimmicks. Going deeper, they want to know how they lose weight for the long-term. In other words, not just lose pounds now, but how to keep those pounds from coming back.

As I answer those questions, let me first clear up the matter regarding losing weight fast. I understand most of the time that we want instant success with those unwanted pounds of fat. However, keep in mind that long-term weight loss is about behavior modification and education, so that you are equipped mentality to handle the struggles that may come about in your weight loss journey. If you have ever watched the TV Show the Biggest Loser and researched the results of folks over the many years the show has been aired, you will find that 14 out of 15 winners went back to packing on the pounds of body fat again. Ideally, for most people it is better lose weight for the short term and the long-term.  However, it is important to note that this takes your rewiring or retraining your brain, so that you keep on losing weight in healthy and safe ways.

Regarding the Biggest Loser the reason why 14 out of 15 winners did not keep the weight off is because the weight loss was not honed-in for long-term success but short-term gain of notoriety, money, and fame.  To really lose weight and to keep it off truly requires a change of mind. This change of mind or thoughts move you dramatically in the direction of consistently living a new life of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Many of us can muster up the will to do things for a short-term gain. This also helps to explain why people can lose pounds before a big event such as a wedding, a class or family reunion. However, note what happens after the big event. Those pounds of fat lost will usually be regained within a few short weeks.

I will now present to you 2 modifications within yourself that MUST occur if want to your weight loss to be successful for now and for the years to come.  These are Mindsets.  Let’s look at the definition of Mindset: “a mental attitude or inclination; a fixed state of mind”

Mindset #1 – Adopt a Student-Like-Mentality. To begin with you should create imagery within your mind and view those excess pounds of fat as the enemy who wants to make you miserable and then wipe your life out.  As you start to view it from this aspect if becomes easier to foster the attitude to fight for your life.  The more your adopt to this mindset, you develop more raw intense emotion towards taking up the challenge of losing weight every day. Upholding a Student Like Mentality helps you to retrain your brain and this can help you to be more consciously aware in your desire to lose weight.  As you maintain a Student-Like-Mentality regarding losing weight your brain WILL develop new neural connections or networks that will drive you to stay on target. The only way to do this is to keep learning about weight loss, what to eat, how to eat, healthy food preparations, fitness, exercise, and success stories. I promise you this when you consistently immerse yourself into such information your brain structurally changes and thus you thoughts will change. WOW!

Think about this example:  Whenever a person begins a new job that requires new skills and habits to be learned through repeated exposure or practice their brain goes to work to develop new neural networks.  Yes, physical biochemical structures that expand and make the person better in their work.  The truth is their brain changes at the neuron level to make them better and more efficient with what they are doing.  In this same way when you take on developing yourself in ANYTHING, whether it is good or bad you become better at it the more you are exposed to it. It does not matter if it is good or bad, you get better with it!

Mindset #2 – The second thing that you need to have is a searing, blazingly hot, flaming, fierce fire of desire to achieve your weight loss mission and goals.  This is like high-powered rocket fuel for you to achieve your goals and dreams with weight loss or anything that you seek to accomplish.  The seed of desire is your #1 weapon that you MUST have to win at losing weight.  My point is that you cannot come into wanting to lose weight with a half-hearted approach. The attitude that you should strive for can be described as you becoming fanatical and radical (in a positive way).   Simply put, you cannot be lukewarm, or you WILL FAIL!

It is proven in tens of thousands of examples of weight loss success that your desire MUST be bound to you emotionally.  Your desire or reason why is so bound to you emotionally that even the mere thought of not achieving your goal, can nearly bring you to tears.  This level of desire supercharges willpower and crushes the obstacles that formerly presented you with challenges.  This level of desire destroys the (EMF) Excuse Manufacturing Facility within your head and you are now only working with actions that take you to your target.

Your desire or reason why MUST constantly be at the fore part of your thoughts. It is with you morning, noon, and night!  In fact, when you have it, people feel it when they are near you. They see it in your eyes, and they hear it when you speak.

These 2 Mindsets described in the blog raises you above all the circumstances of past failures and all the roadblocks that you may encounter now.

In closing, my eager and enthusiastic reader, I have just shared with you how to crush-it in ANYTHING that you desire to achieve.  Losing weight is only the beginning. Remember that these 2 Mindsets CAN help you to develop Life-Changing Positive and Uplifting Power.

Your Thoughts Are Forces of Causation

Now go forth and succeed! Make It Happen! You CAN Do This!

Here are a couple of links to acquire appropriate tools that will help you in your weight loss journey

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