How To Really Lose Weight

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How To Really Lose Weight?  Over the course of 30+ years in health and fitness, I have been ask that question DOZENS upon DOZENS of times!

During the first 10 years of being involved with health, fitness, and exercise, it used to make me almost out of my mind because often times it was the same people who would actually ask the question again for a second and third time.

Of course, the answer to the question, how to really lose weight, is always the same. Burn off more calories than what you eat. Providing an answer to the question is the easy part. The challenging part is that an individual must fight a title wave of self-generated, self-imposed, self-limiting statements and beliefs that has doom their weight loss journey even before it has even begun.

How to Really Lose Weight Rule #1“Your Reason Why”  Discover your real, heart-felt reasons for WHY it is important to you to lose weight and drop those unwanted life-extinguishing pounds of fat.  Your cause or reasons have to be bigger than the problem. If your desire to lose is not emotionally bound to you, to where it is a burning flame of incinerating heat and passion — your excuse will ALWAYS win.  To lose weight effectively and keep the unwanted excess pounds of fat off of your body, you MUST be FIRED-UP about the process. The medical profession will even give some people a single pill a day that is effective in helping them to lose weight, but most people take the ill for only a few days to couple of weeks and then stop.  I mean, like what the heck! So, I stress get your reasons for wanting to lose weight built-up inside of you mentality. The dominating force of your reason why losing weight is important to you will crush and obliterate excuses.

How to Really Lose Weight Rule #2“Student-Like-Mentality”  Optimally it is best to learn about weight loss, exercise, and some food basics.  You do not need to be nowhere near an expert, but you should exhibit and Student-Like-Mentality. Sadly, I have found that people want to be mentally lazy about learning information regarding the task that they have an interest in.  Holy crappers!  Learning about health, fitness and what works and what does not will only serve to make you stronger in your weight loss journey. It will help you to eliminate dumb and dumber myths about weight loss.

How to Really Lose Weight Rule #3 – “Set Realistic Goals”  With your weight loss journey you should have a definite target of what you what like to lose in terms of your weekly, monthly, and annual weight loss.  However, the bulk of your focus will always be your weekly targets. If you achieve those then the weekly and monthly goals are a natural by-product of your repeated short-term efforts!  Your goals, especially your short-term will give you an objective to be able to focus on a daily basis. These goals allow you to go forth in your day with a vision and a mission to achieve. When coupled up with the power of “your reason why” you want or need to lose weight in the first place; together they become a powerful combination of influence to your thoughts to keep moving forward.  Goals give you the sense of targets to achieve.  When any of us achieve anything, we feel good and tend to want more of that success.  Setting and reaching goals will get you excited and motivated to FIGHT to Succeed.

How to Really Lose Weight Rule #4 – Plan of Action” Well, once you have your goals in place, you should develop a Plan of Action. In other words, plan your work and then execute by working your plan. Again, I must emphasize if you first create your dream, vision or why you want to lose weight, then developing your Plan of Action. Your Plan of Action is your daily roadmap from getting from point A to point B. It was said to me a long time ago regarding goals setting and plan of action – If you don’t know where you are going, you are not going to like where you end up!  Your weight loss journey is about executing your daily plan of action to hit your goals

How to Really Lose Weight Rule #5 –“Train Your Brain” We are a composite of a lifetime of experiences. Every single experience in life good or bad is recorded and held in vast repository called the subconscious mind.  Most of the experiences you do not remember along with the associated feelings and thoughts that they triggered at that time.

Research in the field of neurosciences have shown us that 90-95% of all conscious thoughts, actions and behaviors are brought forth from the subconscious mind. So, in short when I used to yell, scream, and curse at people and not give a care, it is because my brain was programmed for bringing forth responses of rage, hate and revenge.  (hey, I started cursing people out when I was 5 years old)

When I would blame my girlfriend or some other person for my failures or negative actions, it was ALL a by-product of corrupted and broken thinking patterns that were ALL a part of me.

Brutal Truth: I LEARNED how to be the way that I was!

If I wanted to change then I would have to place effort into reading books about how to change and self-improve. I would have to listen to audios, watch videos and read books on success and how to overcome the forces negative thoughts that drove me to poor behavior and to becoming a “Top-Gun Excuse Manufacturing Facility.”  Not good!  But I was darn good at making excuses, reasons and coming up with perfectly logical justifications for my anger, rage and diabolical cursing out of humankind.

I am here to tell you… if you are overweight and you are working towards losing weight… up to this you have utilized your subconscious mind’s automatic pre-programmed excuses brought to the conscious mind for why you failed at losing weight whether it be for the first time or multiple times.

To break the endless cycle of excuses, reasons, and stories of why you could not lose the weight, you MUST change your thoughts by reprogramming brain.

The way to permanently improve of change your thoughts is to re-train your brain by dumping in positive information that helps you to dilute out the power of the junk-filled thoughts buried in your subconscious.

New information placed into your conscious mind through deliberate effort creates and flow of new thought and feelings that begin to rewired neuro-circuits in your brain.  The more you involve yourself with the new information the more change occurs. This is exactly, the same process that you used to learn how to ride a bike or play a musical instrument.

When it comes to weight loss, you need to bath your mind in stories or success and discover any kind of position motivational materials that can help you to re-program your mind for weight loss journey success thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

So, the question, “how to really lose weight” is answered for you in detail. My question for you is what you are going to do with the information.  You already know that you should or need to lose weight.  You now have in front of your eyeballs 5 action steps that you can get started with for your weight loss journey to begin.

Closing Words…

Be courageous. All of the abilities and the talents are already inside of you to make this awesome change in your life. What has happened in the past does not matter. The only focus for you is in this day. It is right here in this moment of the here and now that you can make the decision to begin your new journey of weight loss success.

I am here rootin’ for you. You CAN DO This!

How to really lose weight?  Well, you now know.

Go Forth and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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