How to Workout to Lose Weight Fast

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How to Workout to Lose Weight Fast. If you’re wondering about how to workout to lose weight fast, it may be for an upcoming event such as a school reunion, a wedding, a presentation you must be physically present for, or you are simply ready to take the plunge and get your health and weight on track.

Whatever the reason for your weight loss journey, exercise and working out will be an important tool that you should utilize to accomplish your weight loss goals.

What are the best exercises to do to lose weight fast?

Combining the best diet to an exercise regimen that shows you how to workout to lose weight fast is essential if you are attempting to lose weight or slim down based on a strict timeline. Before beginning any of these exercise regimens, it is best to evaluate your current condition. If you host any irregular pre-existing conditions, usually to do with blood sugar, or your heart,

The best workout regimens to lose weight fast will be those that significantly increase your heart rate as such exercises have proven to burn more calories faster. Cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and circuit training (a combination of cardio, compound, and isolation exercises).

Using Cardio To Lose Weight

When you consider cardio for how to workout to lose weight fast, some of the most basic exercises that come to mind may be walking, running, bicycling, or swimming. Doing cardio for extended periods of time burns more calories than other exercises and adding exercise to create a caloric deficit in your daily routines is one of the fastest and surest ways to lose weight quickly.

Any of these workouts will get your heart rate up and help you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, however your bodyweight, the pace at which you do these activities, and for how long, will determine which ones yield the most calories burned. While swimming works all of your muscles, and adds water resistance, to burn the most calories per minute or per measure of distance than either running or bicycling, it often requires the most endurance. Running will burn more calories than bicycling per mile traveled at the same level of intensity but has a much greater impact to bones and joints than bicycling. While bicycling does not burn as many calories as running or swimming, cyclers are often able to go longer periods and distances, ultimately burning more calories eventually than the other two exercises.

Whichever cardio exercise you implement in how to workout to lose weight fast will largely depend on your current physical condition, and likely a recommendation from a physician on where you should start.

Using HIIT To Lose Weight

Another consideration on how to workout to lose weight fast is to begin doing high intensity interval training, or HIIT. HIIT workouts are usually 10-30 minutes in duration and consist of doing a series of alternating low and high impact exercises at full intensity in short bursts.

The greatest advantage of doing HIIT to lose weight quickly is the time commitment to calories burned. Some research shows that HIIT workouts burn 20-30% more calories than traditional exercise such as running, or biking, and other cardio exercises.

Circuit training is very similar to HIIT in that it involves doing a series of exercises usually in about 30 minutes, although circuit training is more heavily focused on training different muscle groups and regions of the body. When you begin to look for ways on how to workout to lose weight fast, circuit training may be a good way to get your body in shape before attempting HIIT. These exercises often require a base level of moderate fitness to accomplish without injury or ill effects. You should consult with a guide or trainer before pursuing these methods.

How fast can I lose weight exercising?

Most experts agree that the maximum amount of weight anyone should lose over a short period of time is about two pounds a week. When asking about how to workout to lose weight fast, another question to keep in mind is how you can do so in a healthy way. While doing cardio and HIIT workouts can significantly impact the amount of weight you lose, and how quickly, diet will continue to be the primary factor in your weight loss journey. On this weight loss journey, always make sure to consult with experts, trainers, and your primary care provider or physician to insure you pursue these weight loss goals in a healthy manner.


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