Change Your Thoughts and Lose More Weight Faster

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Change Your Thoughts and You CAN lose more weight faster. Ladies and Gentlemen, hold  on to your seat! This could get a little rough at first with some reality-jolting statements and information by the author of this blog. Here we go… So, you “SAY” that you want to lose weight.  Well, let me ask, have you ever said that before in your life?  

If you are anything like me and a massive number of folks on this planet, then you have said that statement a few times and the end result was either one of the following outcomes:  either you lost the weight and gained it back and more, or you never lost anything at all.  Such a sensitive matter, huh?  Well, we will push through it together. 😉

I want it to be clear that there are a solutions to getting those pounds of body fat off and keeping them off.  I would never say that weight loss is easy but does get a whole lot easier once you have a crystallized thought in your head to WHY it is important to you to get the excess weight off. The process for getting there is simple though because it happens through the power of your magnificent brain and the kind of thoughts that are being generated within it.

I can make this blog super short, but I feel that I need to explain a few details regarding the information contained within this article. In that why any additional materials that you may check on the topic is much easier to understand and implement into your life.

Here is a totally flat out raw statement that must be made so that we keep everything real regarding you losing weight and keeping those pounds off.  Of all the people on this planet who are overweight and “SAY” they want to lose weight, the ONLY ONES that do are those who have a white-hot-burning desire to do so and align their thoughts and actions to match the final outcome that they have crystalized in their mind. 

They not only “SAY” the words that they want to lose weight, but they embrace them and live them.  Think about that!  What happens for anyone that truly want to lose weight, is that it becomes more than a wish, or a fantasy or a hope  It becomes a burning flame of passion. The actions behind that burning flame of passion are proven in their external physical efforts of doing the activities necessary to burn up those excess calories stored on their body as pure fat.

The great news here is if you want to lose weight, you CAN, if you apply the mindset of doing what is necessary EVERY DAY!  Ah, ha! There is the problem for most because they start off okay but then they crash and burn with another attempt to lose those unwanted pounds of body fat ending in failure. 

Please understand that the science behind you losing weight is pretty straight forward. You burn off more calories than you consume, and the excess pounds come off. Works every time. Sort of like gravity… if you jump off that 100-foot cliff with jagged rocks down below, you will splatter upon hitting them. Gravity does not negotiate with you.  And, neither do calories!  They both have sound rules that work in our favor when we abide by them.  The main part of weight loss that needs to be examined in my opinion is the mental side of losing weight.  What is your motivation behind shedding those pounds?  What is your secret burning desire behind why losing the weight is important to you?

Years of research has proven, if your desire is a firestorm of intense, unrelenting energy to lose weight then the end result will be good-bye to the pounds of body fat that you do not want.

The best news ever is that you can restructure your brain in such a way to where it works with you to lose the weight. In other words, the power of your thoughts can change the outcome of your weight loss journey. The information that you consciously and unconsciously allow into you brain can assist you in the process of long-term permanent weight loss. Booya baby!

Thoughts Are A Force of Causation!  Deal with it. If you think negatively or your desires are weak and watered-down, then you WILL have poor results.  If you think positively and have a constant flow of information into your brain regarding weight loss – then you increase your chances of having exciting results in you shedding of those extra pounds of weight.

How to Change Your Thoughts for Real. When you are learning you are changing your brain’s physical structure. With learning you create new communication centers in your brain. The physical biochemically interacting structures in your brain called neurons. Neurons are high-powered communication units in your brain that communicate with each other.  As you learn new information their activity increase and their communication with other neurons increases. This interaction increases and/or gets reinforced as you repeat your efforts in learning that new information. Over a brief period of time a highly energetic event at the microscopic level takes place to where those individuals neurons that have been communicating  with each other start the amazing process of physically wiring together and form what is called a “Neural Network.” These Neural Networks are there to assist you in your thoughts that drive you towards the actions and goals to lose weight that you have burned into your mind.

Not magic, just the science of learning. Think about anything that you have ever learned how to do in life, even riding a bike. The more you did it, the better you got. This is because you were developing a Neural Network in your brain that allowed you to be come proficient at riding a bike.  This works in sports, music, art, medicine or whatever the endeavor is that you have a desire to achieve.  This is exactly how you developed all of the poor habits and behaviors in life surrounding life or anything else. Gulp! 

Change your thoughts and you CAN change your life.  Your thoughts are the by-products of information loaded into your head whether consciously or unconsciously.  By inputting into your head high quality information about weight loss, being healthy, eating better and then combining it with your white-hot burning desire to lose weight… whoosh, pounds start to come off easier than they ever have.

Losing weight and trimming down those excess pounds is a state of mind. In other words, your desire to have success with losing weight must be embedded into your mind and thoughts first, before you can have long-term permanent weight loss success.  So, as your thoughts go, so shall your weight go!

Your thoughts must be aligned with your goal of losing those pounds. You must create new thoughts and reinforce them over time and time again until those thoughts become a dominant line of thought in your mind and place you on track to succeed with your weight loss objective.

Okay, I am done with this blog. Stop reading and rest your eyeballs.  Think about what you just read. I am sharing with you how not only to lose weight but change and improve any area of your life that you think needs improvement.  The above information that you just read can cause a revolution in your mind that burns hot and bright and moves you into a whole new reality.

You CAN Do It!  I am rootin’ for ya! 

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