Lose Weight Fast, Stop Fat Gain and Beat Back the Internal Assassins of Death

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5 Steps to Lose Weight Fast, STOP Fat Gain and Beat Back the Internal Assassins of Death.  In this blog, I will present some preliminary steps that you can begin to implement right now to stop cold in its tracks the onslaught of any more pounds of fat onto your body. But first, a quick side note…  The average adult in this country gains between 1 and 2 pounds every year.  Now that itself ain’t so bad, but the problem lies in the fact that when that occurs year after year, your body and your brain succumb to a very comfortable state of existence. Your habits are locked-in and your brain has no interest in you changing to a new and healthier way of living. This is why so many folks start a weight loss plan or a diet of some sort and FAIL miserably. The failure is not only HUGE (90%) but it happens within the FIRST 30 DAYS!  Ouch!  So, I share that with you so that when that feeling or that weakness hits you, you can just understand it is normal and a part of the process.  Remember, fat and its 3 assassins of disease, destruction and death are out to kill you.

5 Steps to Lose Weight Fast and STOP Fat Gain and Beat Back 3 Assassins of Death:

The way you rough them up and disarm them involve 5 consistent and persistent steps.  These steps that I provide are vital and they are non-negotiable.  If you want to shut-down fat gain and the effects of those health-destroying assassins of death who are attempting to steal your vitality and your life, then you have got to get tough on them and what that means is that you MUST get tough on you FIRST!

  • You MUST discover reasons of WHY losing weight is so important to you. Without these powerful life changing reasons then your weight loss journey will succumb to excuses, lies and convoluted, irrational reasons for why you “cannot do it today.” STOP! Your reasons for wanting to live a life of quality living and longevity MUST supercharge your brain to influence you to get off your butt and get moving.  Example: If you and your family were sitting back chilling in your home and you smelled smoke and then saw a fire ablaze in an unoccupied room – what would you do?  Would you just sit there and say, “I will get to that later, my favorite tv show is on?”  Or would you scream FIRE and start to get everyone including the pet goldfish to safety?  You and I both already know the answer.  My point is that you must have reasons that elevate you above all excuses. And the only reasons that I am familiar with that can do that are the ones that are emotionally bound to you such as a spouse, children, grandchildren, education, health scares, seeing the world and long life with family and friends. Those tend to be emotionally charged reasons of WHY you are going to make this happen. 
  • Starting now you MUST accept full accountability and responsibility for ALL your actions related to fitness, health and what you CHOOSE to eat. That being the case, you will now begin the process today to make a mental shift in your head to maintain a conscious level of inner and outer self-talk that says; “I am successful in losing weight.” “Losing weight is happening on my body right now.” “The pounds are melting off my body every week.” “I make excellent food choices.” “I choose life and good health every day.” “I am the boss of my body.” “My mind and thoughts guide my decisions, not my body.”

You may ask, “Jeff, why do you want someone to say those things and write them down or similar statements to that effect?”  The reason is because your mind has been brainwashed and lulled to sleep. It is like a hypnotic unconscious way of living has caused most of us to end up not truly believing that we CAN lose weight. The new statements suggested in quotation marks in the previous paragraph force a consciousness and conscientiousness regarding health, fitness, and healthy living. Over time these self-talk practices can help you break the cycle of old, broken, and corrupted thinking patterns that have led you to this point of being overweight and not believing that you can lose those extra pounds of body fat.

  • What Are Your Weight Loss Goals? Goals within any endeavor where one seeks to achieve success or greatness produce better results because it helps to focus individuals towards their specific objective.

Here is an example of how to set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals Setting Method.

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Time Date Stamped


  • Your Goals Should Be Specific to how much you want to lose each week and each month. This is good healthy pressure to keep you pushing forward every day.
  • Your Goals Need to Be Measurable. This measurability helps you to chart your progress to determine if you are on track or if you need some course corrections to keep you moving towards your target.
  • Next, your goals should be Achievable. In other words, you would be served best by setting goals that you can attain based on where you are right now. Don’t just spit out some huge monstrous number for weight loss that would nearly kill you because chances are such a goal is not achievable. In the end it only discourages you in your weight loss journey.
  • Next, your goals should be Realistic. It is very important to keep your goals realistic so that you CAN attain them. Obviously, you don’t want to make them some easy to where it does not push you a bit.  Example: a person states that they want to lose 50 pounds in one week. Most likely this will not be attainable, and it could be quite dangerous to your health.
  • Finally, your goals should be Time-Bound. This simply means all your goals have an expiration date on them.  Having a predetermined date for when you expect to achieve a goal, will help you to get much more serious about what you would like to achieve.
  • You MUST have a Plan of Action – someone told me a long time ago, “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t like where you end up.” Your Plan of Action is like your roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be. Your plan gives you day purpose and direction. There is no wondering about what you are going to do and what you are going to eat. Your Plan of Action serves as your master guide to you activities of daily living.
  • You MUST Adopt a Student-Like-Mentality and make it your mission to learn about nutrition and healthy food preparations. You need to learn about exercise and what things that you can do right now to influence change in your body. You need to learn about yourself and learn how to retrain your brain by immersing yourself into books, audios and videos about health and fitness, plus listen to other’s success stories.

If you do these things you will stop the onslaught of life-suffocating fat from getting the upper hand on you. Everything outlined here WILL WORK.   Here is the deal — Losing weight is only 2% physical effort. The remaining 98% is of the mind.  With losing weight or having any other achievement in life, it takes dedication to your cause, which is fueled by an emotional reason. This requires you to develop a mindset that you are out to win. If it works for you it is because you CHOSE for it to work for you. That is what it all comes down to… a matter of CHOICE.

Remember, this is your life and the quality of your life that you are making a decision about. 

Get fired-up and make the decision to be bold and fight for your life beginning today.

I am rootin’ for you and I am hoping that you CHOOSE to fight for your life and begin to start losing weight today.

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