STOP the Blame-Game as Your Reason for Not Losing Weight

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STOP… the Blame-Game as Your Reason for Not Losing Weight Like You SAID You Would. Unfortunately, when it comes to losing weight there is a major, huge serious problem out there called the “blame-game.” The “blame-game” is used in many areas of society where people are striving for goals, ambitions and human achievement. 

For whatever reason, it seems that many people, when they fail at something or do not get their desired outcome for a particular interest, they seek to blame.  Where I hear it the most often, is when someone is wanting to lose weight, but they do not succeed in achieving the weight loss desired or they have lost nothing at all. 

Since they did not lose the weight they or they relapse and gain it all back again, they look for a reason to place their failure upon. They blame their selected circumstances, excuses, or reasons as their reason for the failure.  Did you know that if a person continues to blame other people and situations past and present for why they cannot lose weight, then they will NEVER lose weight.

Watch out for the Blame-Game Trap because it is like quicksand. Once you get in, it is tough to get out. The blame-game is a rejection of personal accountability and responsibility for your failure. It does not allow a person to look inwardly at themselves as being the reason for their lack of achievement.

For over 30 years freakin’ years, I have heard of this “blame-game” phenomena continue to grow and infect society almost at every level of why a person did not succeed  or why they could not do or achieve whatever it is that they had an interest in.

Here is a Brief List of where blame is placed for the failure of weight loss.

  • I can’t lose weight because my mother/father…not losing weight because you are focused on the blame game
  • I can’t lose weight because my hormones…
  • I can’t lose weight because my husband…
  • I can’t lose weight because this is not the right time…
  • I can’t lose weight because of the weather…
  • I can’t lose weight because I don’t know what to eat…
  • I can’t lose weight because that diet didn’t won’t…
  • I can’t lose weight because of work /school
  • I can’t lose weight because I can’t go to the gym…
  • I can’t lose weight because my back /toe /hair
  • I can’t lose weight because of my kids /school
  • I can’t lose weight because of my back /leg /foot
  • I can’t lose weight because my doctor doesn’t understand…

Folks, I have got to tell you that there are approximately 7.2 billion people on earth and we could possibly come up with 7.2 billion excuses for what to place the blame on for us not losing the desired weight.  My point is that if you really have a big enough reason to lose weight, then those excuse will fade away. 

Stop looking for reasons for why you cannot and start finding reason for why you can and should.

It is your mouth and it is your brain operating your own thoughts, so I guarantee you that once you stop playing the blame-game and assigning blame to everything else, then weight loss success will begin to come your way.

Be bold with your thoughts by taking ownership of your weight loss with personal accountability and responsibility and then you WILL begin to lose weight consistently.

Many of us have fallen into that trap of looking outward to the wrongs for our failures and our negative situations. And, I would never say that past experiences that are negative and/or traumatic have no effect on us.  However, I am know that even though many of us bare the mental scars and wounds of these past events, it is STILL up to you and I to lift ourselves out of the muck and mire of such events, by retraining our mind and working towards self-improvement.

It takes work, dedication, and a strong desire to want to change.

Change Your Thoughts and You Can Change Your Reality!

not losing weightNow I am not speaking harsh to you with these next statements, just speaking truth as I have learned and experienced it. It is up to YOU to make your weight loss happen!  If you want to play the blame-game look no further than the reflection of you in the mirror to see who to blame. 

You are already loaded up with seeds of greatness within you and you can have success not only in weight loss but in anything that you desire to have success in.  YOU CHOOSE!

The crap of yesterday and your deep past dump it!  You are in the moment of NOW and you can create a beautiful mental environment of change beginning right now.

I have some reading material that I believe would be great for you to start off with. The information is geared to help you rewire your thinking and help you to begin the process of making awesome changes in your life.

No More Excuses!  Just get busy!  HOORAH!

I believe that you CAN do it and I am rootin’ for you and your weight loss success.


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