5 Hard to Accept Reasons for NOT Achieving the Weight Loss that You SAY You Wanted

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5 Hard to Accept Reasons for NOT Achieving the Weight Loss that You SAY You Wanted. A long time ago, someone told me that if I ever want to know the truth about why I was failing or why I did not achieve a particular goal that I had in mind,  I would have to be willing to ask brave and bold questions about me and my efforts. (Oh no!)  And… equally as important, I would have to be HONEST to myself with those answers to the questions.(ouch!)

So, if you have been struggling with losing weight or even if you are a first timer at it, I am asking you to be Bold and Brave about WHY this is so important to you? When it comes to human achievement, we tend to want so many things, but when it gets right down to doing the work to acquire what we want, we “flake out.”  I implore you not to let weight loss be one of those things that you flake out on.  The price that we pay over the long-term for being overweight is devastating to the quality of our life.  Yeah, we all know that we are going to die, but why deliberately, purposely and willfully allow excess body fat to accumulate on your body, while you already know the health risks?

Here are the 5 hard to accept reasons for failing at your weight loss plan

1.>  You Do Not Believe – The first reason why we go about it so sheepishly and weakly is because we do not believe that we are going to keep gaining weight and even if we did continue to gain those extra heavy-duty seam-busting pounds, we do not believe that diseases from being overweight and obese are real or can happen to us.  As a former nurse and athlete, I have seen with my own eyes people balloon up and literally die unexpectedly because they made the choice not to keep the pounds off.  I can promise you that the diseases are real and before the excess fat kills you, it will torment you.

2.>  Lack of Full Force Effort – The second reason  weight loss plan with full force from day one, is because we lack the sheer mental firepower to ATTACK THE FAT.  Yes, you must be bold, and you must be brave, and you MUST attack the fat like a cyborg running on auto-program.  Here’s why… the fat that is piling up on your body and that causes all those unwanted bulges is already attacking you.  It has a good head start with its objective of causing organ and hormone disruption in your body.  This means that you are starting in a hole in your effort to win against the onslaught of excess body fat.

3.>  Student-Like-Mentality is Lacking – The third reason for failing at weight loss is because you just refuse to adopt a Student-Like-Mentality for losing weight. Here is what I mean.  You MUST take on the thought process as if you are a student in new endeavor and  you are excited about learning what you have interest in. Learning about weight loss, learning about health and fitness, learning about others who have been successful all will help to build up your success mentality. This process of the Student-Like-Mentality is providing you awesome education and enlightenment about how to be more successful regarding your weight loss journey. You MUST Own This Process!

4.>  Failure to Set Realistic Goals  – The fourth reason for falling short with your rapid weight loss plan is that you have no realistic goals set up with specific target dates to achieve them.  Goals for weight loss MUST be locked into specific targets and specific dates. Your goals MUST be written and posted up for you to lay your eyes on several times per day. This is part of the process also of how your goals will over time nudge you and cause you to become resolute in  your weight loss objectives

5.>  Failure to Design a Plan for Fat Loss – The fifth reason for failing with weight loss is that you do not have a plan. As the saying goes… “If you don’t know where you are going, you are not going to like where you end up.”  You need a definitive game plan for weight loss. Your plan gives you purpose with direction. You don’t have to think about what you are going to do, and just follow the plan. You will be consistent and persistent, and you accept a NO EXCUSE mentality for not following the plan.  If fact, if anyone gets in the way of your plan, you will move heaven and earth to clear the path, so you can head towards your mission.

Now to put all of this together, you MUST HAVE this final component. In fact, if you only this one thing alone and nothing else the pounds of body fat would be dropping off of you so quickly, it would freak out all of those who are around you.   

You  have probably heard of it before and it is called your “WHY.  Some will call it your desire or your dream. Whatever you decide to call it is fine with me, but for right now, I am going to call it your WHY.

Your WHY is your reason for wanting to lose the weight. Your WHY is something that tugs at your heart constantly and causes you lots of mental stimulation. Your WHY consumes you because it is bound to your heart and soul.  Your WHY should be so important to you that it causes you to become emotionally bound to it. 

The truth is you should be emotionally bound to your WHY.  Emotionally Bound means essentially that it will cause you to swell up with intense feelings and maybe even cry and become highly emotional if something prevents you from moving forward with your mission.  This is the single most important factor to know that you have discovered you WHY. The emotionality of your  WHY causes you to catch fire and launch yourself every day towards your objective, no questions asked.  When your WHY fills you with such emotion and intensity NOTHING can stop you from achieving your objective.

Your reason for your WHY with weight loss is so important to you causes you to rise above all excuses and all obstacles. Your WHY is developed in your mind. You have the ability to seek out and discover your WHY with the power of your mind. You can learn much more by checking out awesome, eye-opening details by following this link.

Please understand, your reason WHY for anything that you want to achieve in life will help you to never give up and keep on pushing with your eyes ALWAYS on the prize.

We have not met, but if you are in the fight of your life with weight loss, I am rootin’ for you so loud to achieve the success that you so strongly desire. Go Forth and Conquer!  You CAN Do It!

Discover Your Reason WHY Starting Today!

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