5 Effective Tips to Aid in Postpartum Weight Loss

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5 Smart Tips to Aid in Postpartum Weight Loss Losing weight in general can often times feel like an impossible battle in which to accomplish, but for new moms, it can be even harder. When faced with the task of juggling a new baby in your life and the changes to your schedule that inevitably comes along with that, it may feel like you simply have no time to focus on healthy eating or exercising.

Down below, I have outlined for you 5 realistic tips that will aid you in your postpartum weight loss journey in a way that feels achievable and will leave you feeling accomplished.  Please be patience with yourself and the process. Your body and mind both need to stay nice and easy as you find yourself back to a new normal with your life.

1.> Keep Your Goals Realistic

While you probably want to automatically drop the baby weight and fit back into your pre-baby skinny jeans, it is simply not feasible. What is realistic is to formulate small-scale goals, such as telling yourself that you intend to lose a couple pounds a month through healthy eating in order to kickstart your postpartum weight loss journey. By doing this, not only are you setting the stage for success by keeping the goals small and doable, but you are not overwhelming yourself.

2.> Breastfeed if You Can

If approved by your doctor, and you and/or your partner feel it would be a good decision for both you and the baby, breastfeeding could be a great option for a number of a reasons. Not only is breastfeeding great for the baby-through providing nutrition, supporting their immune systems, lowering risks of diseases, among other things-but research has also shown that it aids in postpartum weight loss. So, breastfeeding may just be a win-win for both your and your new baby.

3.> Get Your Steps In

While you may not have the time (or energy) for high-impact, long workouts, simply getting a high number of steps in a day- ideally in the vicinity of 10,000- is a great tool for postpartum weight loss. Taking your baby for walks around the block if the weather is nice is a fun and engaging way to achieve this- and bonus points if you have a dog that likes to tag along, too! Or, if you have access to a treadmill, sneaking in a short fifteen or twenty minute walk during the day while the baby is napping is not only a great exercise, but also an excuse for some alone time.

4.> Keep Healthy Foods in the House

Since you are likely to be up throughout the night tending to your new baby and his or her needs, it is safe to assume you will find yourself hankering for a late night snack a time or two. In these instances, it is so much better if you only have healthy options to munch on, such as fresh vegetables and hummus, air-popped popcorn, string cheese, mixed nuts, or Greek yogurt and fresh fruit or granola. Having only these options in house, as opposed to high calorie, packaged snacks such as potato chips or pretzels, can aid tremendously in your postpartum weight loss.

5.> Do Not Compare Yourself to Other New Moms

While it may prove difficult to not compare yourself to other new moms who seemingly lose their baby weight super quickly, it would be doing yourself a disservice. All women lose and gain weight differently, and what works for them likely won’t work for you, and vice versa. This can especially be seen in celebrities, who seem to bounce back to their pre-baby body in a matter of weeks. It is important to remember that these people have jobs riding on their postpartum weight loss, and you most likely do not. So, as long as you and your baby are healthy, everything will be just fine, and the weight loss will come eventually.

In short, while the postpartum weight loss journey may seem strenuous and time-consuming, there are ways to make the process just a bit easier and more manageable. By remembering that you are your own, individual journey that will take time, you are taking the pressure off yourself to shed the pounds in an unrealistic time frame that would end up overwhelming you completely. There are small, realistic action steps you can take everyday that will aid tremendously in the long run when it comes to losing the baby weight you desire.

Having postpartum weight loss desires are quite normal because of the additional weight gained during the term of your pregnancy. However, you should not beat yourself up over this matter.  Just hold true to high-quality nutritional eating and regular easy going fitness and great things will unfold for you!

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