STOP Waiting to Lose Weight!  Get Serious About Your Weight Loss Plan and Losing Weight Fast!

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I urgently implore you to get started with your weight loss plan. Get serious about your weight loss plan and start losing weight fast! If you have been challenged in your efforts to lose weight and get fit, then you know that it can be a very frustrating process.  This is quite normal for most people who are in this battle. Gaining more pounds of body fat every year totally stinks!  I get that.

Yet, when we look at what we have been doing closely and honestly, we will have to admit that we are not holding to the best levels to food choices and exercise. In, fact many of us will fall into the trap to making up a litany of excuses for why it is not happening. Now at this point, I am going hardcore in my writing so buckle up, cuz it’s going to get a little rough!

Excuse-mania dominates the scene of weight loss and weight loss management. I have found that we will make up more crap about why we did not hold to the plan to lose weight.  We will literally justify in our own minds the dumb excuses that we generate, and sometimes quite creatively is a REAL reason for why failed or have to put it off another day.

Waiting-for-itis (pronounced at “Waitingforitis” as in a disease) is mental problem not a physical one. So many of us want to say, I am waiting for… whatever it is just fill in the blanks and run with it.

  • Stop waiting for the doctors & scientistsweight loss plan
  • Stop waiting for stupid gimmicks & tricks
  • Stop waiting for the right time or perfect time
  • Stop waiting for your spouse or partner
  • Stop waiting for the weather or a season
  • Stop waiting for next day, week or month
  • Stop waiting for your birthday or anniversary
  • Stop waiting for your next excuse or lie
  • Stop waiting for your mother, brother, sister, father
  • Stop waiting for your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Stop waiting for your dog to feel better
  • Stop waiting for your $1200 stimulus check

Every single one of these are Totally Bogus and You Know It! And, this is only a partial listing of all the lame, sorry excuses that we conjure up.

So, here is the deal… If you want to lose weight, then you have “Put up or Shut up.” (not being rude just using an everyday cliché)  And, you have to admit, it really sums it up if we are serious, right?

Now, if you are perfectly happy with gaining weight and want to balloon up to 300 pounds or more, then I say, “right on!”  “Knock it out of the park!”  Obviously, this writing does not apply to you.  This blog is ONLY for those who are sick and tired of being overweight and want to break the cycle of gaining that unwanted 1 to 2 pounds of excess body fat per year!

Your body will not wait for you to get your poop together. IF you are eating food to live and lots of it, then your body only moves to store any extra calories as PURE FAT.  Now, don’t be fooled, because fat has a mission. That mission is to steal the quality of your life away from you. The bottom-line truth on the gaining and packing on of those extra pounds is that 71.6% of the adult population in this country are overweight and now a blockbuster, whopping 42%  of that percentage are obese!

If you have failed at losing weight before or a first-timer, I will tell you that in order to succeed with losing weight then you must take control of your mind and direct all of your thoughts in regards to food, nutrition, fitness and exercise as a life saving measure for you.

You are out to save a life… and that life is YOURS!

When fighting for your life, you have to lift yourself to a level of discipline and determination that is rattles the people around you. They will be either wanting to join you or they will be jealous of you because you  have a mission that is seen by your actions.

You may ask, “jeff how do I begin to think like that?”  Great freakin question!  You must learn, just like me and my wife learn and all of the tens of thousands of others who are geared for fitness and nutrition for life.

#1   Stop the Excuses of Waiting For blah, blah, blah!  Stop Now!  Move forward with definitive action to change your life beginning today.  You are fighting for your life so I hope that doing this forward action of urgency makes sense to you.

#2  Close-down Your Excuse Manufacturing Facility By Executive Order.  This facility is in your mind and you are the Chief Operating Officer of that facility and it is by your Executive Order that you must use to make the shift.

#3   Prepare Your Mind with Life-changing Information that Will Enlighten You. The next step to start prepping your mind with books and audios that are designed and proven to help you change your thoughts, thus change your actions.

Save this article or comeback to this blog to continue to acquire more information.

Okay, I am done yacking at ya! 😉

My name is Jeff Gadley and I am always rootin’ for you success.

I believe you CAN do it.

But… your greatest success happens when YOU believe you can do it!


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