Hard-Hitting Truths About a Few Extra Pounds of Excess Body Fat and the Fight to Lose Weight

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A Few Extra Pounds of Excess Body Fat and the Fight to Lose Weight. I just watched a show regarding amassing excess body fat and one of the major conclusions of the show is that if you have large amounts of fat on your body, it is not your fault. WHAT? Um, I think that may be true for a very TINY percentage of us living in this country. 

Here are just 3 quick off the cuff reasons for why it would not be someone’s fault: because they were over fed by their parents, predisposition due to a genetic order of some kind or physical impairments that limit normal calorie burning activities such as walking. However, what I just noted above is ONLY a tiny percentage of us… like 1-2% and PLEASE stop trying to squeeze yourself into that tiny percentage.  😉

I love science and learning new things in health and fitness but as with so many things in life, the researchers, specialist and doctors come along to make excuses for why we shouldn’t feel bad, because something is not our fault. Sadly, for many, who are to hear such a message this provides them with a license to get out of doing the right thing. Why, do I say that?  Because the minute you tell people that it is not their fault that seems to rob them of the effort to think and to work hard to solve their problems.

So, let me say this as loving as I can. We ALL would like the idea of not being held accountable to healthy living habits, which includes great nutrition, fitness and being self-aware of actions that are destructive to our health.  In the way that these researchers speak, it can give the impression that they are saying, “eat away and one day we will have a pill for you that you will make you skinny.”  That is out there!

I am so sorry, but I am not going to let anyone cop-out on the fact that they are genetic inclined to eat cheeseburgers, French fries, sodas, chips and ice cream. To take full accountability and responsibility for our health is the cornerstone of redefining your life and moving yourself mentality to begin to lose weight and keep that weight loss progressing towards your goal. It is all about committing to a lifestyle change. Mentally, you MUST move into a whole new realm of thinking and behavioral modification.

You must be willing to accept total responsibility for the kinds of foods and the amounts that you stuff into your mouth to satisfy your hunger.  If you are a food preparer for others, you need to hold yourself accountable and responsible for the food that you will prepare for your loved ones.

The truth is that some of us will be challenged with imbalances and genetics that predispose us to gain weight in an unusual way. However, if you are reading this article, then statistically speaking it ain’t you.

I say, let’s blame these promoters/pushers of junk and toxic food – That’s right, for decades food manufactures and the fast food industry have been scientifically engineering our foods and synthesizing added to them, to train your brain in a specific way to desire them. (sneaky, sneaky) Yeah, these really smart people are called Food Chemical Scientist and their job is to get you hooked!

a few extra pounds of excess body fatWhen we step back and look at the big picture, I will be the first one to tell you that we all have been lulled to sleep with the modern way of life. We can easily go into any store to buy and then consume vast quantities of junk food that does nothing except to train our brain for more. Food void of nutrition and loaded with a butt-load of calories. Foods that are engineered with made up or reconfigured chemicals that drives your insatiable desires for more, more and more.

However, I am confident with blogs on the internet just like this, some of you will get this reality figured out and start the process of fighting the system by utilizing the power of your brain and the learning to assimilate new information that can help you to retrain your brain so that you can moving in a positive direction with your weight loss journey.

What you and I do as far as the food we eat and the exercise we seek, is in our control.

I will not tell you that it will be easy. The reason for this is because your brain has been programmed to do what you have always been doing and the desire to consume garbage foods, stretch out your belly is a part of who you have become.  Yet, that massive fat accumulation type of programming can be interrupted and redirected, and you can retrain yourself to live in a whole new way.

I implore you to stop sleeping at the wheel of life, take your hands and you steer your ship in the direction that you want to go.  If you are one of who of those who are affected by genetics or chemical imbalance, then stop your whining about it and get to the doctor and get what you need to correct the problem. However, with that said that is no excuse to not start making changes in the quality of food that you eat and getting off your booty to begin exercise and fitness program.

Remember yall, just because we are fighting the accumulation of excess body and struggling at times that does not mean that we should give in and give up.  You (your brain) is the master. Your body is the slave. The body IS NOT the master. You give the commands and tell the body what to do.  

I am your biggest fan and cheerleader. I am rootin for ya! 

And, remember  … You CAN Do It!    HOORAH!


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