What’s the True Reason You Want to Lose Weight Fast?

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What is the True Reason that You Want to Lose Weight Fast What is the Reason that You Want to Lose Weight?  Yep, I am asking the question directly to your face. 

I ask the question because the weight loss failure rate is excessively high. I do not believe that people start out to fail at losing weight. So, what in the heck is going on?   It is estimated that 50,000 people each day begin a diet plan with the goal of losing weight.

Thousands Fail At Losing Weight EVERY DAY! Statistics show that that 90% of ALL who begin a weight loss journey will fail at maintaining it by the end of 30 days. Wowzer!

It is clear and evident from the millions of interviews and conversations that diet experts have with people that we have no desire to carry around excess unwanted pounds of body fat. We also know that from a scientific basis that our bodies do not work as efficiently when working under the load of excessive body fat.  In fact, extra pounds can disrupt and impair your normal body functions.  So, am asking you what is your reason for wanting to lose weight and for some, what is your reason for wanting to lose weight fast? 

Do You Know Your Reasons?  Honestly and sincerely, ask yourself WHY do you want to lose Weight?

Well, if it is for some temporary or short term vanity reasons,  or something like “just to lose a few pounds” then the likelihood for failure increases dramatically.  

Your Reason(s) for Losing Weight WILL Determine IF You Lose Weight and Keep the Excess Pounds of Body Fat OFF! 

Quick Insight: With the achievement of any worthwhile endeavor, we MUST go deeper inside of our thoughts in terms of developing reasons to use that keep us hanging in there.

It is the power of your reasons that will compel you to rise above all the circumstances and obstacles that could come your way.  However, when your reasons for succeeding is composed of emotionally charged thoughts and desires then, you are going to succeed.  Please take a few minutes to allow that prior statement to sink in.  I will also say it this way, if you want to lose weight and want to start that process to lose weight fast, then you must identify, your reasons for why this is important for you. 

Your Reasons MUST Be a Flame of Raging Passion and Desire to have the outcome that you can see in your mind.  The attitude that develops with the supercharged fuel of your reasons can create a surging powerful revolution of thought inside of you that causes you to be inspired and motivated every day about losing weight. So, the natural outcome is that you naturally begin to think in such way that causes you to move in a new direction. The outcome is that you are on fire to burn pounds of excess body fat off every day. 

The mere thought of having white-hot desire can pull you in the direction that you want to go! This is the “real deal” of the mindset for losing weight. 

Thoughts ARE Forces of Causation.  That means that your thoughts have the power to change your life.  Sadly, it also means that negative thoughts, careless thoughts or thoughtlessness related to health, food fitness and life have produced the current circumstances that many of us are facing today.  However, the great news is, you CAN begin to change your thoughts by having a new vision powered by the fuel of emotionally charged reasons for why weight loss is critically important to you. This is what gives you the power to change your current situation/ 

You CAN lose weight and keep it off permanently, IF you harness the life-changing mindset set of being driven by reasons that churn and burn inside of you!

You can do this! I am rootin’ for you every day!

Discover your true deeply meaningful reasons for why weight loss is important, and you CAN WIN!  HOORAH!


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