Self-Discipline REQUIRED for Weight Loss and Losing Weight Quickly

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Self-Discipline REQUIRED for Weight Loss and Losing Weight Quickly – When getting yourself consciously aware of the fact that you need to lose weight, far too often people react with what I call a “Weak Impulse Response.”  What that means is that you hear the message, but it touches your brain with low impact and sometimes no impact. It does not cause you to get up off of your butt up and start moving forward to make changes in your life immediately. It is like people are thinking that they have plenty of time to get around to becoming fit, healthy and slimmed down. 

Then, there is that group of people that hear the message that they should lose weight now and they treat it exactly as if their life depends on it. The reality is that our lives regarding maintaining good health is dependent upon what we are doing today, and then the tomorrows to come. 

The one thing I can tell you about those excess pounds of body fat is that it is not going to take it easy on you UNTIL you get hard on it.  You have the tools to win the battle against being overweight and obese. I believe that you need to look at this as if it is a race.  Your competition is fat!  It is out to extract your last breath from your body and remove your existence from planet earth.  It is a cruel competitor often warping your thoughts into believing that you cannot do it or that it someone’s fault or sucker you into believing it is your hormones.  Once the trap is laid, the race is on!  You are now carrying extra pounds of fat on your body and you have now been brainwashed into believing that you cannot do it, but you know that you should join the race because we are talking about your life. Right?

I wish that I could make you do it, but that power is only reserved for YOU!  Please get this flowing into and through your brain. Fat likes you lazy and uninspired and I know the ONLY way to beat it in this race, is for you to stand up and begin to fight for your life, right now. TODAY!

You are engineered to WIN! You are designed for success!  Now is the time to discover the hidden power inside of you and rise above every possible excuse and start whipping your butt into shape! Sure, is ain’t easy, but the formula for fat loss success is simple. The one thing that I can promise you is that if you are thinking of this weight loss mission from a positive point of view and consistently stick with your plan, it does become easier.

The number #1 thing that you MUST have in order to be successful with losing weight and keeping those pounds from ever coming back is disciplineThis is the reason why 50,000 people will go on a diet this month and 90% of them will not be on it 30 days later.  Discipline is required of each and every person who seeks to achieve a worthwhile goal or mission in life. In fact, even if the mission or goal is evil, when the person is discipline chances rise dramatically for them to accomplish what they have set out to do.

Discipline separates out the weak from the strong. It places a dividing line in the sand that determines, who will have and who will not. It can be a measuring rod for assessing how bad do we what something.  We have all heard the expression that “talk is cheap, right?”  Discipline proves whether you are just “talking or walking the walk.”  None of us can fake out discipline. It will prove beyond any doubt, if you truly want something bad enough.  Discipline displays courage in the face of adversity and presents restraint when tempted.

In your battle to lose weight and become fit you will need self-discipline. The reason why you MUST have it is because once you make the decision to lose weight, you will find that you are fighting against old, crusty, and hardened negative habits involving health and fitness.

Successfully losing weight means that broken and corrupt patterns of behavior must be changed. Thus, creating a mind that is disciplined is the ONLY WAY!

Self-Discipline: the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it. Accordingly deploys restraint to avoid falling to weaknesses.

Your self-discipline is the key for you to create a Strong Impulse Response. This kind of action is a response that projects positive energy that makes it clear that you are ready to fight and to win.

Keep this in mind, your body WILL NOT negotiate with you on this matter of being self-disciplined. If you fail to adhere to the rules of healthy eating, fitness, and a goal of healthy living for life, then fat wins. I am confident this is not what you want.

Here are some materials that will help you to begin the transition of redirecting your brain power, so that you win.

My name is Jeff Gadley and though you cannot hear me, I am rooting for your success! Loudly!

I believe you CAN do it!

You just have to begin by taking the first steps.



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