What Good is a Diet Plan IF it is NOT Sustainable?

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What Good is a Diet Plan IF it is NOT Sustainable? My wife (Laurie) said to me a few days ago that a diet is not meaningful if it is not sustainable. If you cannot sustain it, then what good is it really doing you?  I was moved deeply by what she said and it inspired me to write this blog for those of you who are working on losing weight to get those unwanted and unhealthy extra pounds of body fat off now!

Upon hearing her question to me, my brain immediately concluded that she is absolutely right! During my many years of being involved with health, fitness, and healthy living practices, I have learned of so many people doing lots of crazy, lame, and dangerous diet plans with the hope of losing weight.  And, the truthful thing about it is that some of them do lose weight!  However, I have to say that if you fed me grass seed, bird feed, or one high fiber cookie 3 times per day, or starved me for a few days at a time, then I would lose weight also and lose weight fast.  However, with that previous example, I must ask the question that Laurie asked me… is that sustainable?  The answer is heck no!  And, if you say that it is, then you have got some issues and we need to talk offline. 😉 

The reality of the matter is that food is darn good tasting stuff and we like to stuff our mouths, then our bellies with that good tasting stuff!  However, if you enjoy food the way that we do, then you are going to have to learn how to eat less of the junk food, eat more of the healthy food and exercise more. This is so very true as you start getting into you 30’s and becomes even more true as you progress up in age.  It is like excess body fat is hunting us down to attack us.

Keep in mind that I am sharing with you real-time, factual information on what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.  So here it is.  You MUST learn how to create new healthy habits with food, while adding in a hefty dose of regular exercise 4 to 5 times per week.  Please! Is it vitally important that you get this point into your head, if you expect to succeed at losing weight. 

Your body is designed to WORK so you can burn off calories.  The reason that it may not feel like it is designed to work, is because you have tricked your body into not working. So thus, you feel lazy and uninspired. The great news is that this can be fixed because it is a problem inside your head with the way that you think. So, you must go inside of your head to fix it.  You must TEACH yourself to be the boss of your body… instead of your body being the boss of you!

Unfortunately, many of us will not accept accountability for what we eat and what we do with fitness. Many times, we have excuses, lies and delusions for why we do what we do when it means that we should be holding ourselves in check with our action plan.

Let me be clear, I do not believe in playing games with the truth of what it takes to achieve weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle. I am what you call a “straight shooter.”  The best way to get around dieting is to not structure your weight loss around a diet.  “Diets” many times present the dieter with too few choices and hardline approaches that that can create negative thoughts and discouragement towards the goal of losing weight.  Thus, it is not sustainable. 

Mentally, you will have the BEST results when you make the mental shift of just eating healthier and making better food and nutrition choices. With the mindset of healthier choices, moderate serving sizes, combined with a regular 4 to 5 day per week fitness program to where you are sweating, then you are going to lose weight.

Your entire weight Loss journey should be about educating yourself about you and what you have been doing and then making a change in a new direction.  Diets in the traditional sense limit most people on what they can eat and even though the dieter can lose weight, they usually will suffer a “rebound” of weight once they go off the diet.

Meal Planning through healthy living choices is taking the road that leads to “healthy living for life.”  Once you have spent some time learning what healthy living is then chances are very high that you will conclude that it is simple and super-sustainable.

Choosing the healthy living road to weight loss is an adaptive mindset strategy that allows you to grow into what is good and what is not so good when it comes to food choices.  It allows you to explore a wide range of food and nutrition options that can put you in position for life to live a healthier life. This way of being is all about personal growth and change. In this way of approaching weight loss, your weight loss journey is filled with long-term success at keeping the weight off and being and you being shining example to others.

In closing, know this… You CAN Do It!  You just gotta start and I am encouraging you to start now. I am rootin’ for you loudly!  I want you to WIN!

Come on now! Get fired-up about your future of becoming healthy and fit.

Get in the game and stay in the game. HOORAH!

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