You CAN Create the Winning Mindset of Long Term Permanent Weight Loss

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You CAN Create The Winning Mindset for Long Term Permanent Weight Loss – There is a seen and unseen enemy on and in your body that really is out to diminish the quality of your life and will even make attempts to put you in your grave prematurely.  You already know that excess body fat is NOT good for your body. It can impair normal cellular function and cause a sequence of events that throws your whole body into a state of biochemical and metabolic imbalance.  Now, whenever I say such a statement there are many people that will say, “But, I feel fine and I am going to start losing weight soon anyway.” 

Listen up… gaining weight probably makes many of us a bit sad because we realize that we are moving our health in the wrong direction as we gain those extra pounds.  Those extra pounds are pure fat, baby! If you gain enough of it, besides your clothes not fitting anymore, it disrupts the normal physiology of your body to the point of even your hormones become out of balance.

You and I being rationale people (with most instances in life) I am sure that if you are anything like me, you would have to conclude that you need to do something about the 10, 20, or 30 pounds of weight gained. You would also have to say that you have heard a lot of horror stories about how adding pounds of excess body fat can shut down your pancreas, thus preventing insulin from being produced. Gaining weight can cause your blood pressure to zoom to death-defying levels almost overnight. It can soar your cholesterol to the upper stratosphere.  It can cause a fatty liver. What a fatty liver means is that you can cause scar tissue to form in and around your liver (known as cirrhosis) that can shut your liver down. YIKES!  I am not trying to scare you. I am just reminding you of all the crap that happens as we add pounds of excess fat to our bodies.

Here are 3 things that you need to know it regards to losing those excess pounds body fat.

  • It takes a dedicated daily effort to succeed because fat wants to win and destroy your life.
  • You must change how you think and what you currently think about food and fitness.
  • You must establish a huge emotional reason for why this is important to you. And, I am not talking about not of this silly, meaningless same thing that everyone says. I mean you must determine from deep within why the quality and longevity of your life is truly important.

When it comes to losing weight, I would like for you to know that you CAN win and have long-term permanent weight loss and to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Here is the deal:  As it pertains to your mind, you already have all the talents and tools inside of you for huge success. They are called the seeds of greatness! Everyone born into this world has them. The seeds of greatness are just waiting for us to water, nourish and cultivate them, so that they can burst forth with new life of achievement power.  However, to get them to begin to come to spring forth this new life, you must clear the field of debris and provide water and nourishment in the form of new information.

Here is what I mean: our minds can be a very fertile place for great ideas and supreme inspiration. Unfortunately, in life, there has been so many barriers and defeats that we have suffered, the fertile soil of our mind is cluttered with garbage and filth. Nothing can grow in such a place.  In order to make great things happen with your weight loss journey, you must start the process of cleaning up that fertile soil of your mind and place in it high quality mind-food such as books, videos and audios on weight loss, weight loss success stories, learning about weight goals, fitness, exercise as well as information on nutrition and creating good food habits.  

What I am suggesting is that you must clean-up your mind from past experiences of failure and defeat with weight loss and purposely design and construct your vision of what you would like to achieve in your new weight-loss journey.  Doing what I am suggesting here requires that you do some good ole fashion brainwashing.

Yep, you read that right. Most of us are loaded up with years of garbage, negative thinking, self-limiting beliefs and doubts about ourselves, so we fail and easily give up at something that we should be fighting for. I believe that being fit and healthy is worth fighting for. Do you?   

Important Note:  Don’t get carried away with all of these picture-perfect people that you see advertising themselves or super-duper fast and easy weight loss products.  I would suggest not focusing on perfect, (none of us are) just getting started and  working towards what is good for your mind and body.  Learn how to start loving yourself right were you are, right now!

The Power of Your Thoughts CAN Create for You a New Reality. This means, if you want to lose weight, then those darn pounds are coming off!  Weight loss is a matter of how and what you think. Literally, you have to retool or retrain your brain so that you create new thoughts that move you in the direction of your goals for losing weight.

At the Speed of Thought – you CAN begin the process to get rid of a failure mentality, negative thoughts and a mountain of doubts. 

When I was training for the Olympics many years ago, I read a book about what it takes to get super strong. The statement in the book hit me like a ton of bricks. Now focus on this and the depth of the meaning of it: ALL great achievements in life are 2% physical efforts; the other 98% is mental.

So, if you have tried to lose weight before and failed, just remember that it is not that you lack the physical ability, you just have to train your mind to improve the mental component of who you are.

In closing think about this: If  someone’s life depended on losing weight most would fail and be dead and gone. Thus, many who tried and failed are dead and gone. 

You CAN do this lose weight thing.  However, you have to begin the process of improving the quality of thoughts coming from you mind. Changing how we think and what we think is possible because it is based on the science of how your brain works whenever you are learning anything.

You CAN Do It!


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