Your Battle of Losing Weight – STOP Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth, Knife and Fork!

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The Battle of Losing Weight. STOP Digging Your Grave with Your Teeth, Knife and Fork! This article begins by asking you a weird but very serious question regarding your battle with excess body fat accumulating. True, this question comes to you in the form of an analogy, but paints a clear picture of the point being made. Here’s the question: Do you like the idea of digging your grave with your teeth, knife and fork? 

Man, that question still causes me to think hard about the food choices that I make.  Some of those choices are super good and then at other times, they are bad.  The one thing that I can say for sure is that the bad IS NOT as bad as it used to be, and there is no way that it happens as often.

So, I ask you straight-up to your face: “Are you digging your grave with your teeth and a fork?

Since you are interested in losing weight, if you are serious about it, then you cannot escape this question. This question is one of those that can cause you to feel uncomfortable because you know exactly what the implications of such a question is.  The kind of question forces you to look at the reflection in the mirror and to THINK!  

  • The real story behind losing weight and learning how to do it successfully is that it will take work and commitment. There is no way to get around that. It comes down to you holding yourself accountable for what foods you select to eat. It also means that you hold yourself accountable for a regular structure of fitness training.

Of course, no one is really digging their grave with their teeth and fork, but the expression is really quite good at causing us to ponder and explore what we are doing in terms of our weight loss journey.  The next time any of us say the words, “Well, I have been do everything that I can to lose weight.” It probably would be a darn good idea to stop, take a step back and reflect upon all of our actions.  Again, many times, upon close examination we will discover WE DID NOT do even 50% of what we could have done.  My objective for bringing these matters up is to help you to be to take a “hard look” at your daily actions regarding losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Change is REQUIRED to succeed with long term fat loss. Yep, I understand that we many of tend to have a naturally rejection to change, but this is only because we are comfortable with the way things are. Well if you want to lose weight and perhaps even w ant to lose weight quickly, then you MUST change. The great and awesome news is that this kind of change is truly personal growth that supercharges your heart, mind and spirit. 
  • You need to get laser-beam focus on losing excess body fat.  What this means is that you must it a top priority in your life and not a momentary reflexive thought because something doesn’t fit any more or you have a big special event coming up.  This kind of approach is only setting you up for great failure and gaining even more weight.  From all the research done, it appears that losing weight and keeping it off REQUIRES that you have regular structured or plan of action to follow that keeps you on track for the long-term.  It causes you to embrace the weight loss journey and to educate yourself about how to be achieve your mission.

Conclusion: STOP Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth and Fork and consider the information that I am sharing with you and start the process of moving forward by becoming more aware of what you are doing in regards to your daily consumption for food and your and level of fitness training. If you happen to determine that you REALLY want to lose weight my suggestion is start with training your mind at the same time.  Your mind is where your greatest abilities to achieve are. It all begins the with power of your thoughts.  Train your mind in the direction that you want your body to go!

For more on this, here is a link that gives you a great starting point learning how to tap into yourself to WIN in your weight loss journey.

Remember, I am always rootin for you!  You  CAN Do This!

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