Discover Your REAL Reasons for Losing Weight

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Discover Your REAL Reasons for Losing Weight or You WILL Fail to Lose Weight Repeatedly. Over the years that I have been living a life of health a and fitness, I have met numerous people who were very much overweight for many years.  Then, out of nowhere, I see them in the gym regularly or outside being physically and slimming down at light-speed. 

Being the curious kind guy that I am, I would ask them what made them start to lose that extra pounds of weight and become more fit.  I kid you not, the answer was most of the time, their doctor told them that they were borderline diabetic, and their blood pressure could burst a blood vessel and either give them a stroke of kill them.

Upon hearing those words from their doctor, in an instant they made a choice to do what they needed to in order to prevent a tragedy with their life.  Though none of us are promised tomorrow, it should not give us a license to wreck our health with sloppy and dangerous lifestyle health habits.  Anyway, when they heard that serious information from their doctor, they changed their entire lifestyle literally overnight. What happened here?  This person heard information that caused him to realize that his life is precious and that if he wants to be around to enjoy it and have his love ones enjoy him.  He was inspired to change.  I meet people like this frequently and they seem to do the best over the long-term with losing weight and keeping those unwanted and dangerous pounds of excess body fat off their body.

Speaking quite bluntly here:

It is totally and completely up to YOU to make that decision of better health and then do the right action steps to get those pounds of extra fat off your body.  I am pleading with you! Don’t wait until something goes wrong.  You have the power to change. This power is already inside of you.  I am asking you to look around and think about your children, think about your spouse, think about all of your loves one who would be devastated if you were to die or be severely traumatized due some preventable medical condition that was based upon what you have been stuffing down your throat.

No matter how you cut the pie, excess body fat is the enemy. It seeks to steal away the quality of your life, then by a stealthy means of operation, its mission statement is to KILL YOU.  It does not care about you, your family, your career or your excuses.  In fact, excess body fat enjoys life quite well on your body, as long as you keep on making excuses for why you cannot lose the weight or that you give all of these highly astute reasons for why not right now.  The total normal and healthy physiology of your body is under attack the longer you keep those extra pounds of fat hanging around. 

Create your moment of the “Awakening.”  

This means that you snap out of the deep state of slumber that you have been in related to getting those biochemically and physiologically disruptive pounds of fat off of your body.  This awakening means that you understand that your health is of major importance to you and those that care about you and that you are going to take charge make the change.

Slow down and discover your reason(s) “Why.” 

Grab a blank sheet of white paper and find a quiet place to sit down to think and ponder for 15 minutes about why getting fir and healthy would be important to you.  Sure, nothing may come to you at first, but do this process every day until you discover solid emotional reasons of why losing weight must occur.  Your reason could be and most likely will be different than someone else, yet, some of those reasons may be the same. The point is that you are exercising your thoughts and slowing down to consider life and what are your motivations are for living.

Write down that reason or reasons and focus on it, as a way to internalize it, and make it a part of your who you are becoming.  The is a way of crystallizing the reason(s) into your mind so that it can become a driving force behind actions that you take.  This is called process is called, “Crystallized Thinking.”

Great discovery of self occurs in this mode of searching for answers.  You will know that you have discovered you reason(s) because it can bring about a great amount of emotion when you think of this reason being lost or taken away from you. Your reason(s) “why” must be something that moves you emotionally and you are willing to fight for it. 

During the process of Crystallized Thinking you need to make yourself live in that experience of achieving your mission. You must visualize your success and your future new life before you are even there. You must captured a picture in your mind of the enjoyment on the faces of your love ones and be able to visualize your life among them in that future.  This is what ignites the flame of your white-hot burning desire.  No longer is your reason(s)  of why you are doing this is some two-bit, nickel-dime, weak, muted reason. It is clear and a fireball of controlled emotionalism for you.

Slowing for a few minutes a day to do this will help you to discover you greatest reason(s) why weight loss and fighting for your life is so important. It gets you outside of just thinking of yourself but also thinking about all of those you care and love you.

So, plenty of links to visit on this topic. I would strongly recommend that you start clicking here and this should get you moving in the right direction.  And, remember these kinds of action steps CAN work in any are area of  your life that needs to be improved upon because this kind of mindset training provide valuable insight into achieve and have victory. If you learn and apply it in one thing, then you have learned it and know ho to apply it in other areas of your life.

I am outta here. 

As always, I am rootin’ for your success!

You CAN Do It!


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