Your Weight Loss Journey Begins and Ends With the Way that You Think – So Believe!

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Your Weight Loss Journey Begins and Ends With the Way that YOU Think! Weight loss and the Power of Your Thoughts are made to go together just like hand and glove. For many years, I have made attempts to give people direction in regards to health, fitness and losing weight by offering insightful information about the way we think and how we can achieve awesome success in family, relationships, education, work, health, fitness and for sure losing weight.

All of the above mentioned areas of life require us to focus on them with a specific mindset so that we can achieve the desired results.

The results that we achieve in any interests that we have are tied directly to our desire to have the results that we are working towards. Weight loss will not cut you any slack if you are weak in the area of desire. Many people claim that they want to lose weight but so many fail in extraordinarily high numbers! Many people who attempt to lose those extra pounds are repeat offenders at failing to lose the weight and keep it off.  So, if you are one of those people here is the problem.  You deliberately and willfully choose thoughts that align your actions to assist you in gaining weight.

Newsflash – Stop Making Excuses for Weight Gain. One thing that I had to accept with adding on extra pounds is that it is ME who chooses the direction of where my life goes and what foods I am stuffing down my throat. When I gain the pounds in the during the winter months, it is all because of my thoughts and actions! In the spring, when I take off those gained extra pounds of pure fat, guess what… it is all because of my thoughts and actions. End of Story!  So with that being said, stop making excuses for not losing the weight. And, no more whining about having a hormone problem. When it comes to gaining weight, the problem that most of have is eating too much or eating the bad stuff most of time or an unhealthy combination of both. It is our thoughts and actions that bring about the excessive weight gain. Get real!

You and I know both already know the truth when it comes down to shedding those extra pounds. But, read on anyway!  What it comes down to is following a plan of action that leads you to weight loss success. This means that your thinking and actions align with a singleness of purpose to cause you to turn yourself into a fat burning machine.

Everybody wants the secret or the magic formulation. The truth is, we ALL have the secret already contained within us. It is our brain!  IF you elect to purposely give your brain positive, enriching and healthy thoughts repeatedly, then eventually you will have actions that lead to that way of being.  What I am expressing to you is if you want the pounds to come off, then it all starts with how you think and what you think about food, exercise, health and fitness. Improve your thoughts in these key areas and your actions change which leads to pounds off!

Losing Weight is a Mindset. You CAN Train Your Brain for this Mindset.

Now, the really freaky thing is, gaining weight is a mindset also, and you have trained yourself oh so good with this mindset. Most of us have become an expert at gaining unwanted pounds of fat that we don’t want.  Now it is time to re-train your brain and move into a new and better way of being and living that gives to you long lasting permanent results of losing weight.

If you are anything like me when you go of the rails with the consumption of mega calories of food, you willfully comply with whatever your desires are for food and stuff yourself until your stomach is tightly stretched. If you do that repeatedly over a few months or years here comes another 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 or even 100 pounds or more.

So, how do you turn that around?

With the Power of Your Thoughts is how you reverse the cycle of gaining! Once, you reshape HOW you think and WHAT you think, your brain will begin the process of moving you in the direction that you would like to go. Now get this… the repeated action of placing specific thoughts into your mind will alter your brain and begin the process of forming new neural networks for keeping you on track with getting those pounds off.  By changing your thoughts your brain literally changes physically, biochemically and hormonally. The more you load into your mind thoughts of better health, better nutrition, better fitness, your brain begins the process of nudging you in that direction. And, that is super cool!

But here is the problem once you start to move in this new positive direction, your old thoughts for doing the wrong thing will begin to talk to you and tempt you over to the “dark side.” This happens because it is the dominant neural network set up in your brain that you have been obeying for years. Let’s be clear on these neural networks within your brain. As, far as your thinking is concerned, these networks are powerful communication centers that move you in a specific direction.

When you learn ANYTHING and keep on repeating it or adding to that learning … you create powerful neural networks that make you darn good at whatever it is that you are learning. Whether you want to become an ice skater, or a world class chef, the process of learning creates the neural networks that allows you to harness the skills to be good in what you are learning to do!  And, just the opposite is true also, when display horrible habits, behaviors and actions it is because we have trained our brain to move us in that direction because our outwards actions are a by-product of our broken and corrupted thoughts patterns.

We have the power to self-direct our learning and thus, change the conditions of our lives.

The power of your thoughts can free you from being in that state mind to where being overweight becomes a thing of your past. Again, change your thoughts and you WILL change your life!  Your new thoughts can begin the process out releasing those excess pounds of body fat.

This blog that you are reading will lead you to such information. If your desire is there to lose the pounds, then click on any of the links in this blog and be prepared to have your mind blown on how you can FINALLY lose the weight and keep it off!

It is time to get those pounds of off! You know that what I am writing here is making sense to you, so let’s get on with it and stop making excuses for being overweight. Stop blaming it on hormones, people, circumstances and the conditions of life. You are overweight because you overeat and/or you eat the wrong stuff, plus you lack fitness training of any kind!

You are overweight because you are a slave to your own body! Your body has become the master and you are the willing slave doing whatever it tells you to do when it comes to food.

It is time to turn around this horrible situation and regain the power over your body. You and your precious, beautiful mind must become the Master and begin to direct the body to how things are going to be.

I am rootin’ for you! You CAN Do It!  If anyone has every told that you can’t, they are lying to you and working against you. Get away from them immediately.

Losing weight IS a state of mind. And, You CAN Do It!!!  HOORAH!

There is a science to it, so get busy and click this link to learn more!


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